Call for papers

The international horticultural show Floriade is held in the Netherlands every ten years. The next one is in 2022 – this time in the city of Almere. In line with the theme of “Growing Green Cities”, a ropeway installation was chosen as a sustainable means of transport for the exhibition grounds. During the 5-minute trip, visitors will enjoy a fantastic view of the unique show.

Call for Papers

the deadline for submission of papers postponed to 6 October 2023


Conference languages:

English, French, simultaneous translation will be provided in the two languages and in German.


Contact for further information

If you have any questions or need information on the Congress or if you have any other concerns, please contact us by e-mail to:


Technical contributions to the Congress - Deadline expired

The Congress is to cover the topics listed below in technical contributions that are interesting for an expert audience and that are to present high-quality and innovative work. In addition to a manuscript ready for publication, we expect informative and concise presentations that serve as a starting point for in-depth discussions:

Submission of papers

Anybody wanting to present a contribution at the Congress has to submit an abstract of their presentation by 6 October, 2023 by uploading it on the website Any contributions submitted after that deadline will not be considered.

We kindly request you to submit an abstract in English of your previously unpublished contribution related to the session topics listed above. In addition, you may also submit a version in the original languages of French, German, Spanish or Italian.

Please provide the following information therein:

  • Title of the paper,
  • Topic of the session,
  • Name of the speaker,
  • Position,
  • E-mail address,
  • Phone number.

Please comply with the following instructions:

  • Format: Microsoft Word or text file
  • Language: English and additionally a German, Italian or French version, if possible
  • length: 350 words
  • If possible, also supply a PowerPoint presentation

If your contribution is accepted, the final version of your paper as well as your PowerPoint presentation has to be submitted in the English language by April 15, 2024. This final version will be reviewed by the Review Committee and any additional information or amendments will be requested by April 30, 2024.


Selection of presentations and deadlines

The presentations will be evaluated and selected on the basis of the abstracts submitted by the Review Committee. The speakers shall write their abstracts so that they most accurately reflect the nature and contents of the final versions of their contributions. Before the final acceptance of their presentations, the speakers will be requested, if necessary, to provide additional information or to amend or correct their presentations.  Please note that a maximum of two presentations will be accepted for the topic “Future projects” in Session 1 and that innovation and special technical features will be given priority. Consequently, you are advised to be realistic about the chances of your presentation to be accepted.



You will be informed of the acceptance of your contribution by January 19, 2024. Upon acceptance, the speakers will have to sign an agreement with regard to privacy and publications, including photos, on OITAF’s website and in brochures as well as transfers to libraries, etc.


Presentation of contributions

The length of presentations should be 20 minutes as a rule and 25 minutes at most. Special requests, if applicable, have to be clarified with the Review Committee. For presentations in French, the English version of the Power Point presentation will be used.

The final papers and PowerPoint presentations in English and if available also in the original languages of French, German, Italian and Spanish, will be published on the website of OITAF together with audio recordings after the Congress.


Chair of the Review Committee:

Jörg Schröttner

Jörg Schröttner, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Directorate General IV,

Dept. Sch 3

Radetzkystr. 2

A-1030 VIENNA / Austria


Tel.: ++43-1-711622300

Please communicate your requests with regard to technical support (video, audio, PPT presentation, etc.) to the following address:


Travel and accommodation expenditure of speakers

Speakers whose papers have been accepted by the reading committee and who present their papers at the congress will be reimbursed for their travel expenses (economy class airfare), accommodation in the congress hotel (3 nights) and food during the congress will be included.

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Session 1

Development of ropeways in urban and tourist areas

  • Developments
  • Potential applications
  • Future projects


Session 2

Operation of ropeways

  • Staff training. How to attract new talents?
  • Management of exceptional situations
  • Inspection and maintenance


Session 3

Ropeway technology, new developments

  • Electrical/mechanical availability
  • Safety
  • Noise reduction
  • Remote monitoring
  • Improving the safety of old installations


Session 4

Dimensions of sustainability

  • Protection of the natural landscape
  • Conservation of resources
  • Energy consumption, life cycle
  • Snow-making: energy consumption, energy management, water management
  • Ropeway operation and winter sports – perception in public opinion
  • Comparison with other transport systems